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Gazdasági naptár

kedd dec. 07 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
10:1230-Year Treasury Gilt Auction
12:12BRC Retail Sales Monitor (YoY) (Nov)
07:12Halifax House Price Index (MoM) (Nov)
07:12Halifax House Price Index (YoY)
01:12Trade Balance (Oct)
1.86B 2.07B
01:12Unit Labor Costs (QoQ) (Q3)
8.3% 8.3%
01:12Nonfarm Productivity (QoQ) (Q3)
-5.0% -4.9%
01:12Imports (Oct)
01:12Trade Balance (Oct)
-80.90B -67.00B
01:12Exports (Oct)
01:12Redbook (YoY)
01:12Redbook (YoY)
03:12Ivey PMI (Nov)
03:12Ivey PMI n.s.a (Nov)
03:12IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism
06:123-Year Note Auction
08:12Consumer Credit (Oct)
29.91B 26.00B
09:12API Weekly Crude Oil Stock
hét nov. 29 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
09:11BoE Consumer Credit (Oct)
0.706B 0.289B 0.400B
09:11Mortgage Lending (Oct)
1.60B 9.28B 4.75B
09:11Mortgage Approvals (Oct)
67.20K 71.85K 71.25K
09:11M4 Money Supply (MoM) (Oct)
0.6% 0.7%
01:11Current Account (Q3)
1.4B 1.4B 4.6B
01:11RMPI (YoY) (Oct)
38.4% 31.9%
01:11RMPI (MoM) (Oct)
4.8% 2.5%
01:11IPPI (YoY) (Oct)
16.7% 14.9%
01:11IPPI (MoM) (Oct)
1.3% 1.0%
03:11Pending Home Sales Index (Oct)
125.2 116.5
03:11Pending Home Sales (MoM) (Oct)
7.5% -2.4% 0.9%
03:11Fed Chair Powell Testifies
03:11Treasury Secretary Yellen Speaks
03:11Dallas Fed Mfg Business Index (Nov)
11.8 14.6
03:11FOMC Member Williams Speaks
04:113-Month Bill Auction
0.050% 0.050%
04:116-Month Bill Auction
0.090% 0.070%
06:11FOMC Member Clarida Speaks
07:11BoC Gov Council Member Schembri Speaks
07:11BoC Gov Macklem Speaks
08:11FOMC Member Williams Speaks
08:11FOMC Member Powell Speaks
08:11CFTC GBP speculative net positions
-34.6K -31.6K
08:11CFTC Aluminium speculative net positions
3.9K 4.0K
08:11CFTC Copper speculative net positions
13.7K 20.3K
08:11CFTC Corn speculative net positions
417.1K 399.2K
08:11CFTC Crude Oil speculative net positions
407.7K 415.8K
08:11CFTC Gold speculative net positions
234.4K 259.8K
08:11CFTC Nasdaq 100 speculative net positions
28.0K 13.5K
08:11CFTC Natural Gas speculative net positions
-137.3K -144.6K
08:11CFTC S&P 500 speculative net positions
123.8K 111.2K
08:11CFTC Silver speculative net positions
40.1K 45.6K
08:11CFTC Soybeans speculative net positions
66.2K 46.9K
08:11CFTC Wheat speculative net positions
41.5K 36.8K
08:11CFTC CAD speculative net positions
-3.1K 8.7K
10:11FOMC Member Bowman Speaks
09:11Net Lending to Individuals
2.3B 9.6B 9.7B
kedd nov. 30 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
01:11GDP (QoQ) (Q3)
1.3% -0.8%
01:11GDP (YoY) (Q3)
3.97% 11.81%
01:11GDP Annualized (QoQ) (Q3)
5.4% -3.2% 3.0%
01:11GDP Implicit Price (QoQ) (Q3)
0.80% 2.30%
01:11GDP (MoM) (Sep)
0.1% 0.6% 0.1%
01:11Redbook (YoY)
21.9% 15.4%
02:11S&P/CS HPI Composite - 20 n.s.a. (MoM) (Sep)
0.8% 0.9% 1.5%
02:11S&P/CS HPI Composite - 20 n.s.a. (YoY) (Sep)
19.1% 19.6% 19.3%
02:11House Price Index (YoY) (Sep)
17.7% 18.5%
02:11House Price Index (Sep)
354.6 351.5
02:11S&P/CS HPI Composite - 20 s.a. (MoM) (Sep)
1.0% 1.2% 1.2%
02:11House Price Index (MoM) (Sep)
0.9% 1.0%
02:11Chicago PMI (Nov)
61.8 68.4 67.0
03:11CB Consumer Confidence (Nov)
109.5 111.6 111.0
03:11Fed Chair Powell Testifies
03:11Texas Services Sector Outlook (Nov)
22.7 20.7
03:11Dallas Fed Services Revenues (Nov)
25.4 19.6
04:1152-Week Bill Auction
0.240% 0.160%
09:11API Weekly Crude Oil Stock
-0.747M 2.307M -1.667M
03:11Treasury Secretary Yellen Speaks
03:11FOMC Member Williams Speaks
06:11FOMC Member Clarida Speaks
sze dec. 01 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
12:12BRC Shop Price Index (YoY)
0.3% -0.4%
07:12Nationwide HPI (MoM) (Nov)
0.9% 0.7% 0.5%
07:12Nationwide HPI (YoY) (Nov)
10.0% 9.9% 9.3%
09:12Manufacturing PMI (Nov)
58.1 58.2 58.2
10:1210-Year Treasury Gilt Auction
0.918% 1.144%
12:12Mortgage Market Index
604.2 651.3
12:12MBA Purchase Index
310.7 295.7
12:12Mortgage Refinance Index
2,304.5 2,706.2
12:12MBA 30-Year Mortgage Rate
3.31% 3.24%
12:12MBA Mortgage Applications (WoW)
-7.2% 1.8%
01:12ADP Nonfarm Employment Change (Nov)
534K 570K 525K
01:12Building Permits (MoM) (Oct)
1.3% 4.1% -1.0%
02:12BoE Gov Bailey Speaks
02:12Manufacturing PMI (Nov)
57.2 57.7
02:12Manufacturing PMI (Nov)
58.3 59.1
03:12ISM Manufacturing New Orders Index (Nov)
61.5 59.8
03:12Construction Spending (MoM) (Oct)
0.2% -0.1% 0.4%
03:12ISM Manufacturing PMI (Nov)
61.1 60.8 61.0
03:12ISM Manufacturing Employment (Nov)
53.3 52.0
03:12ISM Manufacturing Prices (Nov)
82.4 85.7 85.5
03:12Fed Chair Powell Testifies
03:12Treasury Secretary Yellen Speaks
03:12Crude Oil Inventories
-0.910M 1.017M -1.237M
03:12EIA Refinery Crude Runs (WoW)
-0.009M 0.243M
03:12Crude Oil Imports
0.069M 1.266M
03:12Cushing Crude Oil Inventories
1.159M 0.787M
03:12Distillate Fuel Production
0.088M -0.058M
03:12Heating Oil Stockpiles
-0.048M 0.375M
03:12EIA Weekly Refinery Utilization Rates (WoW)
0.2% 0.7% 0.6%
03:12Gasoline Inventories
4.029M -0.603M 0.029M
03:12EIA Weekly Distillates Stocks
2.160M -1.968M 0.462M
03:12Gasoline Production
-0.450M 0.177M
07:12Beige Book
11:12Total Vehicle Sales
12.90M 13.00M
10:12OPEC Meeting
csüt dec. 02 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
10:12OPEC Meeting
12:12Challenger Job Cuts (Nov)
14.875K 22.822K
01:12Jobless Claims 4-Week Avg.
238.75K 251.00K
01:12Initial Jobless Claims
222K 194K 240K
01:12Continuing Jobless Claims
1,956K 2,063K 2,000K
03:12Natural Gas Storage
-59B -21B -57B
04:124-Week Bill Auction
0.040% 0.125%
04:128-Week Bill Auction
0.045% 0.045%
04:12FOMC Member Quarles Speaks
04:12FOMC Member Barkin Speaks
04:12FOMC Member Bostic Speaks
01:12All Car Sales (Nov)
2.58M 2.55M
01:12All Truck Sales (Nov)
10.28M 10.41M
04:12FOMC Member Daly Speaks
pén dec. 03 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
09:12Services PMI (Nov)
58.5 59.1 58.6
09:12Composite PMI (Nov)
57.6 57.8 57.7
01:12Labor Productivity (QoQ) (Q3)
-1.5% 0.6% -0.8%
01:12Part Time Employment Change (Nov)
73.8K -5.2K
01:12Full Employment Change (Nov)
79.9K 36.4K
01:12Average Hourly Earnings (MoM) (Nov)
0.3% 0.4% 0.4%
01:12Private Nonfarm Payrolls (Nov)
235K 628K 530K
01:12Nonfarm Payrolls (Nov)
210K 546K 550K
01:12Manufacturing Payrolls (Nov)
31K 48K 45K
01:12Government Payrolls (Nov)
-25.0K -82.0K
01:12Unemployment Rate (Nov)
6.0% 6.7% 6.6%
01:12Participation Rate (Nov)
65.3% 65.3%
01:12Average Weekly Hours (Nov)
34.8 34.7 34.7
01:12Unemployment Rate (Nov)
4.2% 4.6% 4.5%
01:12U6 Unemployment Rate (Nov)
7.8% 8.3%
01:12Participation Rate (Nov)
61.8% 61.6%
01:12Average Hourly Earnings (YoY) (YoY) (Nov)
4.8% 4.8% 5.0%
01:12Employment Change (Nov)
153.7K 31.2K 35.0K
02:12Markit Composite PMI (Nov)
57.2 57.6 56.5
02:12Services PMI (Nov)
58.0 58.7 57.0
03:12Factory orders ex transportation (MoM) (Oct)
1.6% 1.1%
03:12Factory Orders (MoM) (Oct)
1.0% 0.5% 0.5%
03:12ISM Non-Manufacturing Employment (Nov)
56.5 51.6
03:12ISM Non-Manufacturing New Orders (Nov)
69.7 69.7
03:12ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Activity (Nov)
74.6 69.8
03:12Durables Excluding Defense (MoM) (Oct)
0.8% 0.8%
03:12ISM Non-Manufacturing Prices (Nov)
82.3 82.9
03:12ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (Nov)
69.1 66.7 65.0
06:12U.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count
467 467
06:12U.S. Baker Hughes Total Rig Count
569 569
11:12BoE MPC Member Saunders Speaks
08:12CFTC GBP speculative net positions
08:12CFTC Aluminium speculative net positions
08:12CFTC Copper speculative net positions
08:12CFTC Crude Oil speculative net positions
08:12CFTC Corn speculative net positions
hét dec. 06 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
09:12Construction PMI (Nov)
54.6 52.0
11:12BoE MPC Member Broadbent Speaks
03:12CB Employment Trends Index (Nov)
04:126-Month Bill Auction
04:123-Month Bill Auction
sze dec. 08 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
11:12NFIB Small Business Optimism
12:12MBA 30-Year Mortgage Rate
12:12MBA Mortgage Applications (WoW)
12:12MBA Purchase Index
12:12Mortgage Market Index
12:12Mortgage Refinance Index
03:12JOLTs Job Openings (Oct)
03:12BoC Interest Rate Decision
0.25% 0.25%
03:12BoC Rate Statement
03:12BOC Press Conference
03:12Crude Oil Inventories
03:12EIA Refinery Crude Runs (WoW)
03:12Crude Oil Imports
03:12Cushing Crude Oil Inventories
03:12Distillate Fuel Production
03:12EIA Weekly Distillates Stocks
03:12Gasoline Production
03:12Heating Oil Stockpiles
03:12EIA Weekly Refinery Utilization Rates (WoW)
03:12Gasoline Inventories
4.029M 0.029M
04:12Thomson Reuters IPSOS PCSI (Dec)
06:1210-Year Note Auction
csüt dec. 09 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
12:12RICS House Price Balance (Nov)
70% 65%
11:12Thomson Reuters IPSOS PCSI (Dec)
01:12Initial Jobless Claims
222K 228K
01:12Jobless Claims 4-Week Avg.
01:12Continuing Jobless Claims
1,956K 2,000K
03:12Wholesale Trade Sales (MoM) (Oct)
03:12Wholesale Inventories (MoM)
03:12Natural Gas Storage
04:124-Week Bill Auction
04:128-Week Bill Auction
05:12WASDE Report
06:1230-Year Bond Auction
pén dec. 10 2021 Impact Actual Previous Forecast
07:12Manufacturing Production (MoM) (Oct)
0.1% 0.1%
07:12Industrial Production (MoM) (Oct)
-0.4% 0.2%
07:12Industrial Production (YoY) (Oct)
2.9% 2.2%
07:12Manufacturing Production (YoY) (Oct)
2.8% 1.4%
07:12Construction Output (MoM) (Oct)
1.3% 0.2%
07:12U.K. Construction Output (YoY) (Oct)
7.2% 6.9%
07:12Trade Balance (Oct)
-14.74B -14.06B
07:12Trade Balance Non-EU (Oct)
07:12GDP (YoY) (Q3)
6.6% 22.2%
07:12GDP (MoM)
07:12Index of Services
01:12NIESR Monthly GDP Tracker
01:12Capacity Utilization Rate (Q3)
82.0% 81.2%
01:12Core CPI (YoY) (Nov)
4.6% 4.9%
01:12CPI (MoM) (Nov)
0.9% 0.7%
01:12Core CPI (MoM) (Nov)
0.6% 0.5%
01:12CPI (YoY) (Nov)
6.2% 6.7%
01:12CPI Index, n.s.a. (Nov)
276.59 278.03
01:12Core CPI Index (Nov)
01:12CPI, n.s.a (MoM) (Nov)
01:12CPI Index, s.a (Nov)
01:12Real Earnings (MoM) (Nov)
03:12Michigan Inflation Expectations (Dec)
03:12Michigan Consumer Sentiment (Dec)
67.4 67.0
03:12Michigan Consumer Expectations (Dec)
63.5 70.0
03:12Michigan Current Conditions (Dec)
73.6 71.0
03:12Michigan 5-Year Inflation Expectations (Dec)
04:12Cleveland CPI (MoM) (Nov)
06:12U.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count
06:12U.S. Baker Hughes Total Rig Count
07:12Federal Budget Balance (Nov)
-165.0B -179.0B

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